Darryl Gouder's portfolio

A Final Gathering Technique for Rasterisation

Bachelor's thesis article on a novel algorithm we proposed, called the Instant Irradiance Cache, which was derived from the Irradiance Cache, Instant Global Illumination and the Instant Caching rendering techniques.

High Performance PBR for Stereoscopic Light Fields

Master Thesis article on how we used distributed rendering to generate light fields which were viewed using a stereoscopic device.

Solstice: A Physically Based Renderer

A self-authored physically based renderer written in C++ for research purposes. This will take you to the GitHub page of the project.

Accelerated Sandpile simulation simulation using MPI

An article on an assignment I did during my MSc, on parallelising a sand-pile simulation that used cellular automata.

Other work

Short descriptions of small projects I have worked on.